My 3 Proven Business Models to Learn From

Dr. Amit Pareek     August 26, 2016 | 5

First of all, thank you very much for Buying from me. I highly appreciate that.

As you are new to me and my team, Today I am sharing something about me and my online business so you can know better to whom you are listening. Today I am going to show you my 3 Proven Business Models. (How I am running a Million Dollar Business Online) – Please keep it secret – This is ONLY for my valuable customers.

Imp. – The basic objective of this blog post is to give you a MOTIVATIONAL message on how to have your own business that gives long term financial benefits in the years to come. I am not writing this blog to give you my financial information, this is just to MOTIVATE YOU.

To become successful, My only suggestion to you will be not to have your foot fixed in many boats. Just find out that one model at which you are the best, and hold onto it till you become successful and only then work on another to add as many income streams as you want for your online business. So, let’s set the balls rolling and here are my 3 models which I will show you in this post-

  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Product Launches
  • Big SAAS (Software as a Service) Model – One of my SAAS is getting 250K Visitors/Month – Isn’t it great!!


About Myself:

Amit-NimiMy name is Dr. Amit Pareek, and here I am with my beautiful wife, Dr. Nimisha Vijay. Check out my Facebook profile here if you like to know more about me.

I was a medical practitioner. Yeah I did my medicine studies and got my degree in 2010. I worked as a Medical practitioner for FULL 1 year. But, I always wanted to carve a niche for myself in business world. So, I started my online business as an affiliate marketer. I got my first sale as an affiliate in 2010, 6 months after starting my online business. A long time right?

From that DAY, I have never looked back. Over the past 8 years, I have been working hard for pursuing my dreams. And today,

I proudly have 3 offices – around 6,000 square feet area,

Have 107 FULL time employees working for me as a TEAM

Running 3 BIG businesses which I am going to share with you.

Note – Doing online business is exactly same as other offline businesses and needs dedication, efforts and time to get desired results. Since I have been doing business for last 9 years, I am running 3 kinds of business. BUT I only recommend you to choose your way and stick to it… Put all your efforts in 1 direction and CRACK the WINNING Code.

All these methods have their Pros and Cons attached. So it’s only you who will decide which one you want to choose. So without any further delay, let’s checkout my business models:

1. Affiliate Marketing:

Let’s start with it first as I started my journey back in 2010 as an affiliate marketer. I usually promote products from ClickBank, JVzoo and also use for selecting good products to promote. My favorite method of doing affiliate marketing is List building. And yes, I suggest you to do the same as “Money is in the list”.

Just for your information, I have generated over $200K in commissions last year, only on JVzoo.

JVzoo earnings

I am making a lot more than that BUT as I said my motive of this post is not to share my income. It’s just to give you motivation on choosing your WAY online which is the FIRST AND BIGGEST step towards SUCCESS.
Take my word – Affiliate marketing is shear Gold when you do it in right way. You can start without investing much and scale it to great heights like I did.

2. Product Launches:

With passage of time, I learned how online marketing works, how to earn money online and so, I started creating my own training products to share my knowledge with Newbies who are looking to make a career in this Online marketing arena. With time, I got success in it… 1000’s of happy customers and then I started building my team and scaling it.

I’ve been awarded as Top Vendor and Top Affiliate Both by JVzoo 3 times in continuation.

Top Vendor and Affiliate
Now MY team creates 1 awesome Training each month for My valuable HQplrStore customers that they can sell as their own and become an expert online marketer. Even 100’s of TOP leaders in IM Industry are our PAID members and sell these training as their own. They also use our training products to train to their team and also to offer bonuses to their valuable customers.

100’s of people have made 1000’s of dollars using our products… We can’t share their Names and earnings as our PLRStore privacy policy. Till date, we have created 36+ awesome training products and selling each and every one at $97 each.

You can check out the full list of our Training Products here

Along with HQPLRStore, we Automated our affiliate marketing, online marketing and product creation process. So we have been creating software products for ourselves and also selling them to help people in becoming successful.

Last year alone we have sold over 1 Million Dollar in Training, PLR and Software products for marketers and have over 20,000 Happy and Satisfied customers. This is enough to explain why I was awarded the TOP Vendor for 3 times in Continuation. And yeah, I am amongst Top 10 sellers on JVzoo from the last 18 months. I feel proud when I see results like this.

Right now, I have a team of 40+ skilled technical experts who are working on our software development, designs and technology stuff continuously.

And here’s the last and the most exciting business model which I like that most…

3. SAAS (Software as a service) Model:

Our company also proudly runs a BIG SAAS in education Industry –  It’s like BUT 3X better when it comes to LIVE Training, Curriculum and Library for students and teachers and we created this for Indian community only.

We are getting 250K Visitors Each and Every month for Our business and have more than 70K subscribers for this business alone. This is a Huge Project and I am sure this will be a revolution in the Indian education industry.



So hopefully now you know me, my family and LOL my small business as well. Hope it made sense and this blog was worth a read…
Rewind- In this post, I tried to give very precise information about my proven business models. And I tried to Give you Vision – Choose your way of doing business first -> put efforts in it to make it successful -> Scale it and automate it get benefited over and over again And then, add another business stream in your online income and diversify your earnings.

In the near future, I will share Important strategies about Online marketing, Profitable Online business, Lead generation and Traffic generation. So stay updated, watch out for MY emails (as well as from my other product like, BigwigVideo, for future updates. Don’t forget to save my emails in your contact List so you don’t miss any important update.

If you have any success story, feel FREE to leave a comment below. (Doesn’t matter how BIG or small it is; it can be getting your first sale as an affiliate or as a vendor).

P.S- I always believe that success happens when we work together. So, let’s join hands and become an enviable success story.



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5 thoughts on “My 3 Proven Business Models to Learn From”

Impressive Dr. Amit.

You are doing great in IM Industry and it’s very motivational to read about your growth and business models.

I am following you for last 6-7 months and I am also a happy customer of HQplrStore. I have bought 4 products from you till now and I like the quality. You always put a lot of efforts in your products.

Looking forward for more MORAL boosting and helpful tips from you Dr.

Keep the good work going…


I spent a lot of money on Ptoducts. all I’m ask is some one show me how to make some money after all I spent. I have produst on my website and articles Ineed traffic

As I wrote above:

To become successful, My only suggestion to you will be not to have your foot fixed in many boats. Just find out that one model at which you are the best, and hold onto it till you become successful and only then work on another to add as many income streams as you want for your online business.

Here are my 3 models-

Affiliate Marketing
Product Launches
Big SAAS (Software as a Service) Model

You choose 1 and stick to it. As you are new, I suggest to go with Affiliate Marketing which don’t need your much investment. And as you have Products to sell, I recommend List Building method. I LOVE it because of a SIMPLE REASON – IT WORKS.

Hope it helps

Dr Amit, Thanks. You pack it out so simply that it inspires me.

I try too many projects and models with little success so far.