3 Easy Ways to Boost Profits with BigwigVideo

Dr. Amit Pareek     September 5, 2016 | 0

After the great success of BigwigVideo and an immense response from valuable buyers like you, we are feeling excited and motivated.

We want all our users to succeed and our mission is to help you make the most out of BigwigVideo and take your business to new heights.

So here we’re are presenting you 3 ways to drive profits with BigwigVideo:


1. Rank your videos higher on Search Engines-

BigwigVideo is a great video marketing platform where you can share any video and can earn affiliate commissions by promoting your link throughout the video. But in order to use it at full potential, or get more plays and clicks for your links you need to rank your videos in Search engine queries and get it viral as much as you can.

I can see my few customers are doing it wrong completely, so to make your journey easier, here are a few tips that you can use:


Keyword Selection• Choose relevant keywords-

To rank your video, for a search engine query your video must be associated with the relevant keywords from that query.

To make your videos more discoverable through search engines you should do some keyword research for the topics you want to rank for and use them among the Title and description of your video. Which is a must to fill if you’re willing to rank your videos, as they provide search engines information that what your video is all about.

Make sure the Title and Description of your video are Unique and Eye catching and contains the keywords related to your videos.

Don’t copy them straight from the YouTube videos, as search engines don’t promote plagiarism and it will badly hurt the chances of ranking your video.

I checked few of my customers video and they are doing that mistake again and again that motivated me to write this blog to help you out.

Use unique and fresh content in the video description, as it goes a long way in creating a separate name for your brand. This is just a little take in return of the profits you’re going to make with BigwigVideo.

A tip for using keywords – Use less competitive and long tail keywords one you can easily rank for. Don’t go for broad keywords which have high competition, neither for the ones that are too long and barely have any searches.


• Drive targeted traffic instantly through social media-BigwigVideo_Social

Apart from Search Engines, Social Media is one of the best sources for driving laser targeted traffic to your videos.

Share them on social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter, wherever you have a good social presence to reach out to your followers and make it viral to reach to the maximum number of people.

If your content is good enough, your video definitely will go viral! Also, the traffic from social media will help in ranking your video.


backlinks(1)• Create quality backlinks for your offers-

A quick and easy way to drive quality buyer traffic to your videos is to create backlinks on the relevant sites. If anyone finds your video useful and embeds it on their pages, it works even better and become a viral traffic machine.

You can post the link to your video on other sites which get high traffic and are related to your video.

This will divert some of their quality traffic to your video, and ultimately boost sales for your offers. You can also leave a link to the video sites and discussion forums, share it on any good place you can.


2. Accurate Data Analysis for 10X clicks and Profit:

How would you feel when you are promoting something and getting only 5-6% clicks on your promo link BUT you don’t know why? Well, that’s really a painful situation. Now think, if you can easily get 10X engagement means 10 times clicks and 10 times commissions.

All this is possible by making a small change in the time you present your ad.

By using your target audience’s demographic data and video stats, you can analyze if your campaign is going the right way or not? Have you really hit the spot you wished to?

BigwigVideo provides you stats based on location;


Technology and devices used for viewing your video. Use these stats and find out the worth of your video marketing campaigns. Our this feature alone makes our competitors feel envious of us and this feature alone we can sell for $50/month. But as a BigwigVideo customer, you already have it. So stay calm and relaxed.

It also lets you know how many people viewed your video and out of them how many actually played it! You can also find out which part of the video is engaging the most & which is getting the least attention & why? Just present your ads when visitors are glued to your video and skyrocket your profits.


However, just posting any video won’t do the trick for you, if you really want to drive engagements you must focus on your target audience. Who you want to focus on and what kind of videos will attract them?

Deliver some content that is worth watching and it will automatically attract people and convert them into long time customers.


 3. Embed It Anywhere and use it as a Professional Video player:

Embedding video on the web can reach audiences beyond your expectations that too without costing you a dime.
You can also “tag” your video with certain keywords which brings more traffic to your site. So, BigwigVideo allows you to embed your videos anywhere on the internet in a smooth and elegant player.

You can use it in your projects, blogs, website or you can use BigwigVideo as a platform to showcase your Videos.

I am telling you that there are various businesses that are charging above $200 for this feature alone. But, you don’t need to take a headache for this as we already have provided this feature to you.

I hope this post will help you use Bigwig the right way and aid you to boost your affiliate commissions with it.


If you have any queries or suggestions, do leave your valuable comments below.

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